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Inbound Email Delay - 35-40 minutes [RESOLVED]

There is currently a delay of around 15-20 minutes on all inbound email. One of our spam firewalls is unresponsive and is causing a slight backlog of spam and virus scanning. The system will continue to deliver all email as normal but with the slight delay whilst the problem is being resolved.
[Update @ 13:15] Delays have raised slightly and are stable at 35-40 minutes. Ongoing maintenance is occurring and we will keep you all informed here on progress.
[Update @ 13:25] All new email will now be delivered instantly as per normal. Email already delayed will be delivered to your accounts within the next 25-30 minutes.
[Update @14:10] - The email queue has taken a little longer to clear than predicted but has steadily reduced from over 4500 emails to 1400. We estimate another 20 minutes or so until all remaining emails are delivered.

[Update @15:30] - Looks like the scanning servers have caught up with the queued deliveries and we have been processing new deliveries as normal for the past couple of hours.

Originally Written: 19-Nov-2010 12:25, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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